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Tourism is very important to the Harz, although the prevalence of cheap air travel has led to a decline in recent years. There are many spa towns, and almost every village in the Harz and Harz Foreland caters to tourists. Well-known destinations are the Harz National Park and the Brocken, as well as the historic towns on the edge of the Harz. Concepts like the Western town, Pullman City Harz, or the rock operas on the Brocken are intended to also be particularly attractive to foreign tourists. The Harzer Verkehrsverband (HVV) is responsible for the marketing of the Harz to tourists.

In summer, the main activity in the Harz, by far, is walking. In recent years Nordic walking has become increasingly popular.

On several reservoirs in the Harz, a variety of water sports is permitted and, on a number of rivers originating in the Harz, there are opportunities for canoeing and other sports on white water sections. International canoe and kayak competitions take place on the Oker below the Oker Dam. The white water on this stretch of river is partly a result of the raised levels of discharge from the Oker Reservoir and so is largely independent of the weather.

Several hills provide a base for airborne activities, such as gliding and hang-gliding, notably the Rammelsberg near Goslar.

The Harz offers a range of climbing areas like, the Oker valley, with its rock outcrops (Klippen); the Adlerklippen being especially popular.The Harz has also developed in recent years into a popular mountain bike region, with 62 signed mountain bike routes and four bike parks with lift facilities in Braunlage, Hahnenklee, Schulenberg and Thale. The bike parks offer freeridedownhill and fourcross routes. Both the signed cycle paths and the bike parks are suitable for every level of cyclist.Roads in the Harz are used by racing bikes and touring bikes, despite their sometimes heavy use by lorries, because in the whole of North Germany there is no other region with such long, and in places very steep, descents and ascents. In addition, there are a large number of railway connections on the edge of the Harz which allow bicycles to be taken on trains.The Harz Mountain Rescue (Bergwacht Harz) service also operates in summer, rescuing people involved in accidents on difficult terrain.The mountains of the Harz were used in former times for long walks (e. g. by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Heinrich Heine and Hans Christian Andersen). An extensive network of footpaths is maintained today, especially by the Harz Club. In addition, there are several long distance paths (the Harz Witches' TrailKaiser WayKarst Trail and Selke Valley Trail), as well as a trans-regional project, the Harzer Wandernadel, with 222 checkpoints and a range of walking badges that may be earned for various levels of achievement.

The Harz is also home to Germany's first naturist hiking trail, the Harzer Naturistenstieg.

In the Oker Valley and at Roßtrappe near Thale, there are rocks on the Hohneklippen (the Höllenklippe or the Feuerstein near Schierke, among several) that are used by climbers.

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Welcome to the website of Camping Okertalsperre, the camping site in the heart of the Harz mountain range.

Camping site Okertalsperre ('reservoir of the Oker-river dam') is located in the centre of the fantastic scenery of the Upper Harz Mountain Range, at an altitude of 425 meter (465 yards), directly on the banks of the reservoir and only a short distance away from the attractive mountain village of Altenau.  

The camping site is opened from Eastern till end of oktober.

It is situated on a peaceful location, where everyone feels welcome and where you can experience a lovely holiday. The surrounding offers many opportunities to experience a lovely holiday, like hiking and biking, Nordic walking, water sports and - in winter time - (cross country) skiing or luging, but it offers also just a chance to relax and recover from your everyday hustle.

We are happy that you took the trouble to find and read our information. We hope to welcome you on one of the finest situated camping sites in the Harz Mountains.

Martin, Hilda, Jurjen and Joan.​


Camping Okertalsperre

Kornhardtweg 2

38707 Altenau

Niedersachsen (Harzgebirge)

Tel.0049 5328 702

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